Friday, February 28, 2014

on my mind

ah, the olympics.
where do i start?
i love to see the athletics.
i do.
but have you noticed that the 
united states
educates and trains
probably 90% of the athletes?
so really, we should get credit for all those medals.
i'm just saying.

also, don't even get me started on
the pre-opening ceremonies monologue.
i almost threw something at the tv.
communism as a "pivotal experiment"?! 

(it probably doesn't help that i'm currently
studying the atrocities committed
during the communist era. abhorrent.)


it's official.
i have skin cancer.
basal cell carcinoma.
apparently it's the least dangerous kind.
silver linings, folks. silver linings.

the spot is about an inch above my right temple.
because it's on my face my dermatologist
wanted to send me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed.
unfortunately there is not a single plastic surgeon in town
who accepts my insurance plan.

not. one.

interestingly, if i look up plastic surgeons
who accept my insurance plan
on the company website,
there are about 50 listed.
(including the ones who refused to see me.)

there was a second removal option available
through my dermatologist's office
but when i asked them to schedule me for it
 my dermatologist
who i had already been to see
and who had already been paid by my insurance company
told me they didn't accept my insurance either.
(he is also listed as a network provider in the company website.)

this is the reality of the affordable care act.
all those subsidized plans made available under the act
are being rejected by specialists.

several phone calls
and conference calls
and arguments later
they are considering doing the second option
after they get the codes approved by my insurance company.

in the meantime, i'm just sitting here with cancer on my head
and paying my monthly premium,
apparently to not be covered.

good times. 


neal and i
decided to go to 
disneyland next weekend
on a whim.

friday and saturday.

get ready for an instagram
picture overload.
sorry not sorry.

(an idea has struck me.
is it possibly time for another footiegram game?)


choosing a grad school is hard.
so far i've been accepted to four programs.
i'm still waiting to hear from one more. 
there are so many things to consider
and it's so much money to borrow
and will i be happy there
and can i find a job afterward
and do i really want to be in school for longer
and isn't it a little ridiculous to be going to grad school at my age?

you know,