Thursday, May 22, 2014

on my mind

it is done.
i graduated.
i officially have a bachelors degree.
it only took 18 years,
but better late than never,
i guess.
apparently only about one-third
of americans have a bachelors degree,
which is awesome
because we all know how much
i like feeling superior.
just wait until i have that
masters degree in hand!
(only about 12%)
i'll be insufferable.


speaking of masters degrees,
i'm headed north.
looks like i'm finally going to
cross "living outside the country"
off my bucket list.
i was accepted to 
all the schools i applied to
and i've chosen to attend
university of british columbia
in vancouver, canada.
i start january 2015.
go thunderbirds!


with school done
i have so much free time.
it's kind of creepy, actually.
i get home and i have
absolutely nothing that i need to be doing.
i've been reading.
it's weird to just sit down
and read whatever i want
without the guilt of knowing
i'm neglecting something for school
for such an extravagance.
i wonder how many books i can read
in the next seven months?
(seven months of free reading time,
can you imagine!?!?!)
also, the number of movies
i haven't seen in the last several years
is astounding.
i'm working on refreshing my
netflix dvd queue.


i'm trying to decide if i should
travel anywhere this summer/fall.
the responsible me says
ashlee, you're moving out of the country
and you need to buy a new car
and a new laptop.
you do not have the money to spend on travel.
but the other me says
ashlee, you probably won't be able to travel
for the two years you're in grad school
and traveling is one of the joys of your life
and this is the first time in years
you have the ability to travel in the fall
which opens up travel locations you 
didn't dare attempt in summer.
(jerusalem, morocco)
go for it!!

we'll see who wins.

(probably responsible ashlee.
the gwen is in her corner
and the gwen is fierce opposition.)