Thursday, November 13, 2014

on my mind

it has been months since i blogged.
it's been a combination of
having nothing much to say
and just appreciating the volume of free time i have at my disposal.

but it seems like it's time to begin again,
get back in the habit.

before too long i'll be living in another country
and this blog will probably be one of my primary means
of sharing my life with my friends and family.


speaking of moving to another country . . .
my visa application has been approved,
and i've signed up for classes.

apparently i'm really doing this.

on any given day i am either
incredibly excited
or paralyzed with fear.

mostly fear.
whose ideas was this, anyway . . . 


in other moving news
i'm currently working on finding a place to live.
this is by far the worst part of the whole thing.
i will be moving in sight unseen
potentially with roommate unmet . . .

the thing is,
i've had some pretty amazing roommates before,
i love them to this day.
but i've also had some insane roommates before.
like, really, really crazy.
there is so much potential for mayhem and disaster here.

pray for me, my friends.


i've had a nagging cough for about a week now.
it was very confusing because
i'm not prone to respiratory issues
and i never felt the least bit ill.

but now i understand.

we have an inversion here in good old fresno.
they're saying the air quality for the last week or so
is on par with bejing. 


(do you remember those nightmare-ish shots of 
the air in bejing from the olympics?)

so, i sound like a man
and i'm coughing my lungs out.

good times.

i stand by my decision to not travel in china. 



i had one of my wisdom teeth out a few weeks back.
it was a lot less traumatic and painful than i expected.

i am getting the other three out this friday.

looks like a weekend of milk shakes,
flavored drinks,
and tylenol with codeine.

don't you wish you were coming over?


on the weekend
i died my hair about three shades darker
and chopped 3-4 inches off 
and literally not one single person noticed.


it's raining here today.
is there anything more wonderful?


no there is not.


Natalie said...

i've missed your writings, my friend. i am so grateful that you'll be writing more -- and i need to be in touch especially when you are living abroad (!) -- though being on the other side of this vast nation from me already feels like you are, frankly. what would i give to be your roommate...i feel like the era of roommates was in a past life for me. man, i feel old. i'll be living vicariously through you for sure.