Sunday, March 22, 2015

weekly happy list (2 weeks)

- lunch date with regina. just what i needed. i almost forgot how fulfilling and clarifying it is to have a good old fashioned girl-talk.
- new cinderella movie soundtrack. it's enchanting. 
- newsies on stage in san francisco. it was as amazing as i hoped it would be.  
- newsies broadway soundtrack. 
- finally glitterized my chucks. red. now i just need a white/silver pair.
- finally got to wear my boden plate-print skirt and i love it more than i can say.
- fresh nail polish on fingers and toes. 
- cinderella castle skirt
- finally watched baz luhrmann's "the great gatsby" - i enjoyed the story more than i expected, and visually it was, of course, exceptional. 
- vernal equinox - welcome spring!
- fresh dyed hair
- getting all my laundry done
- saw the new cinderella movie. it is perfect. absolutely perfect. better than i hoped - and i had high hopes. 
- elder ballard was at our stake conference. he talked about the importance of knowing who you are, what your standards are, what you believe in, and taking time to conduct self-interviews to make sure you're on track and living your life accordingly.