Monday, March 24, 2008

a few things to say . . .

hey, hey, hey there bloggers. what goes on? i have several things to report . . . first off, yesterday was easter. unfortunately we didn't make it to leo carillo this year. but we ended up having the neighbors over and they introduced us to a tradition we plan to incorporate from here on out. instead of buying plasic eggs or hard boiling eggs, they carefully crack their eggs (while cooking durring the month preceeding easter), drain all the contents out one end. then they rinse them out well and put them in a safe place ( where they won't get broken). a few days before easter they color on the hollow eggs with markers, then fill them up with confetti (or flour) and put a little tissue paper over the end and seal it off. on easter they hide the eggs for the hunt and afterward they have a giant confetti egg fight, breaking them over each others heads. observe:

mazure LOVED it; well, everyone loved it.

i still have confetti in my hair . . .

the next thing . . . . this past week my mom, dad and i went to to see garrison keillor. you probably don't know who he is . . . but you should. it was hysterical. he's the host/creator of a prarie home companion (weekly radio show out of minisota, you can catch it on a.m. radio). it was such a treat. i think i was the youngest person in the audience. he sings and recites poems and tells stories and jokes . . . fabulous.

lastly . . . . we've always known he loves music. he's responded to it since he was a few weeks old. but a few months ago he just started imitating breakdancers. it's hysterical. he comes in and asks us to turn on specific songs, he sings along and he goes crazy any time you put hip hop music on.

whenever we watch dancing shows on tv he gets mad because the people keep "stealing his moves."


a quick shout out to tyler and melissa. beautiful baby girl, kids. well done. and that hair!! tyler, i didn't know you had it in you (ha ha ha). congrats.