Monday, April 28, 2008

a reason to put my boots on . . .

well it was time for the anual clovis rodeo. i've been a hankerin' for a rodeo for some time and didn't have a chance to get to one last year, so i was pretty psyched. i went with sharon.

here we are

it was a gorgeous day, only 82 degrees (compared to the 102 degrees last year). we were smart and conciencious little girls and smothered ourselved in sunscreen, so i'm happy to report we had no sunburns. all in all it was an excelent display of masculinity.

i was wearing my shirt that says "i'm in love with a cowboy" and someone asked me which cowboy i was in love with. i told her "all of them, on principle alone." hooray for the tough guys. happily there were no serious injuries, although one guys helmet is definatly going to be layed to rest. i'm pretty sure he left a large chunk in the arena.

the halftime show ( as i like to call it) was the one armed bandit who wrangled a couple of buffalo.

i was pretty stoked to see buffalo. it's been quite some time. i showed a picture to mazur and he didn't know what they were. so sad. we need to get that kid to yellowstone.

in other news, i finally have a permanent full time job. i feel a little bad because i went in as temporary cover for a woman out on mecical leave and they've decided to keep me and give her the boot (oopsy!). but what can i do? when you're good, you're good . . . . he he he . . .

and lastly, i finally found a knight in shining armour . . .

but it seems he is already taken . . . typical.


Beam Family said...

Very entertaining, we're glad you have a blog so we can stay somewhat connected.

JessaMarie said...

Ashlee nincompoop! What happen to you updating your blog? Give up the good sistah-friend!

P.S. just kidding about the nincompoop're just a poop. ;-)

JK! You're fantabulous!

Tara R. said...

I finally found someone who is worse at updating her blog than me! I can't believe it. I LOVE to read your blog so you really need to fill me in on the latest and greatest. I got your letter the other day and it really touched me. THANK YOU for taking the time to send your love. I never get fun letters anymore. I only get bills, so to get a 'just because I love you' letter made my like entire month or year!!! I love you too. Thanks for being a great cousin. Love ya! TAra