Wednesday, October 29, 2008

happiness in the form of a list

i love the little book "14,000 things to be happy about." i think it's great to take time out and notice things, big and small, that make you happy. in that train of thought, things that make you happy are things that you are grateful for, and i've noticed several friends of mine have gratitude blogs, so i've decided to start my own list of things to be happy about. my goal is to come up with 10 items every week . . . and here are my first 10:

1. edible halloween projects
2. dead leaves and the corresponding colors
3. making music play-lists
4. finding old friends on the world wide web
5. the idea that i get to read for the rest of my life
6. cuddling with mazur
7. beating neal at scrabble
8. the way a campfire smell lingers in clothes
9. telling mazur a knock-knock joke for the first time (and listening to him make up his own)
10. getting back books you loaned out


Logan and Heidi said...

about that book.... I promise I'll get it back to you! :)