Wednesday, October 15, 2008

vampires welcome!!

october 11, 2008 brought our annual masquerade dinner party. this year we decided to incorporate a theme . . . . vampires. the company was good, the food was delish, i couldn't have been happier with the way everything turned out. here are a few pictures . . .

my place at the table


the feasting table

the attendees

my fantabulous cake

john, michael, and myself

if you look close enough, you will notice that john and i have fangs. it was really fun to wear vampire fangs for a night. michael, on the other hand, decided to try and kill us all off. unfortunately for him he was outnumbered, but we were feeling kindly that night and let him go unchanged. maybe next year . . .


JessaMarie said...

HOW FUN! I miss my Fresno friends...y'all are truly one of a kind. :-) I'm glad you started posting again. I love reading your posts. I really like the one before this...In fact, I'm going to go comment on it now...

Becca said...

Hey it is so fun to hear from you and see your blog. Your parent's haven't changed at all, it's fun to see pictures and hear how everyone is doing!! Hey I got an update on everyone but Whitney, what's he up to? LeGrand says Hi too and he wants to know how Craig Kellogg is doing. Time flys, I can't believe Heidi's a mom now!! Wow!! Are you living in Fresno? Where are you parents living? It was good to hear from you and it'll be fun to keep in touch.