Wednesday, October 15, 2008

half of a very long list . . .

so, I haven't posted anything in a very long while . . . . but I actually have been working on something for a long time. i saw on a blog one time, someone made a list of 100 things about themselves. so I thought I'd give it a try . . . . turns out making a list of 100 things about oneself is QUITE the daunting task. so i'm going to post numbers 1-50 right now, and post the other 50 when i come up with them. enjoy!

1. My spelling abilities are digressing.
2. My eyes are my favorite physical attribute. I'm actually quite vain about them.
3. I can't actually describe the color of my eyes . . .
4. I don't have a spleen.
5. If I were given the option of getting rid of everyone who abused drugs, prescription or illegal, I think I would do it, which is really unmerciful, but I'm tired of dealing with it.
6. I think it's okay if you just don't like someone or you don't get along as long as you're not malicious about it.
7. One of the most liberating things I've learned how to say (and mean) is "It's not my problem/responsibility."
8. I think people who are "spiritual but not religious" are cowards who don't want to deal with accountability.
9. I LOVE musicals.
10. I LOVE to read. I think it's an important habit to acquire. If I find out a person doesn't read extra-curricularly, I have a hard time thinking of them as intelligent.
11. I believe that we, as a society, make too many excuses for people.
12. I have a 4 foot pet iguana named Walter.
13. I think fish tanks are really relaxing.
14. I almost always cry at the movies.
15. I find most girls annoying and I feel sorry for boys because they have to deal with us . . .
16. I thought I'd be married by now.
17. I believe that if you say your sorry, and then you do the same thing again, your apology is invalid. The only way to really apologize is to quit doing whatever it is.
18. I do believe that relationships can be wrecked beyond repair. Those are the breaks. You should have thought about it beforehand.
19. I dig vampires.
20. My favorite breakfast is eggs benedict.
21. As a matter of fact, I CAN'T live without chocolate.
22. I wish I could have a pet elephant (they're my favorite animal).
23. I secretly liked the Mmmmm Bop song by Hanson.
24. Sometimes I wish life really was a musical. Who doesn't want to randomly break into song and dance? This should be normal . . . .
25. I'm fascinated by witchcraft and witches.
26. I collect quotes.
27. I can't stand it when people aren't organized.
28. I HATE Relief Society voice.
29. I like to shoot guns and bow & arrows.
30. I want to learn to sword fight.
31. I'm terrified of needles and sharks.
32. I don't think I could live without music.
33. I love the mountains.
34. My favorite color is Orange.
35. Sometimes when I hurt peoples feelings, I don't really feel bad about it . . .
36. I have been on a date with someone who has the same first name as me.
37. I get mean when I'm really hungry.
38. I like to plan parties and decorate for them.
39. Sometimes I can get really bossy.
40. I end up being in charge of things a lot. Some people think it's because I'm a control freak or I like to be in charge, but it's actually just because I just want things to get done. I am more than happy to let other people be in charge of stuff if they'll actually get the thing done.
41. I like to study wars. I think it's fascinating.
42. I don't like spiders. I can deal with them being around if they're normal sized, but someone brought over a tarantula the other day . . . not cool . . . . no me gusta!
43. I randomly slip into foreign languages (French and Spanish). Hey, it makes sense to me. That's all that matters.
44. When I'm reading books written by foreign authors, I hear the whole thing in accents in my head.
45. I collect sand from all over the world.
46. Apparently, I'm gothic.
47. I believe Chuck Taylor's go with every outfit.
48. I become an emotional wreck when I'm really tired; pretty much anything makes me cry . .
49. Since the bulk of my reading and entertainment taste is of British origin, I randomly slip into British accents, which results in very curious looks from all.
50. I think we need more occasions to dress up in costumes ever year.


Louis said...

Oh sweet Ashlee how I miss you. This is just SO you...I love you to death!! Reading this brought back so many memories. You are amazing!

Logan and Heidi said...

you have to match when go to bed. You keep all your magazines. You are very good at making the flower bouquets for wedding and have been asked to do them many times. You hate hairy men. You deathly afraid of going to the dentist. You love perfume and have tons of different bottles of scents. You hate washing you hair. You love watching you're favorite t.v. shows every week, especially dance shows. I came up with these in like a minute. It's easier to write them about someone else than yourself. Maybe you should add these to yuor list.:)

JessaMarie said...

1. Yes, you have beautiful eyes.
7. Ditto.
10. It's a good thing i like to read...I love getting ideas for what to read on your shelfari. By the way my coworker is writing a vampire novel and is really into books like that. I should email you this list she gave me.
24. Did you ever hear Adrienne say that she didn't know people actually sang and dance like musicals until she met us and our friends. Funny huh?
37. Me too! i can be such a witch.
44. I hear them in my head AND speak them allowed when no one's around. It's just so much better that way!
48. I've yet to see you really tired, but I totally know what you mean. Are you a blue color personality??
49. Random british accents are so fun. Especially, when someone does it with you.

We definitely didn't hang out enough when I was there. I miss ya!! This is a really good Idea. I think I'm going to do it of these days.