Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy list

things that made me happy this week:

1. my mad-traffic-weaving skills
2. seeing 4-week old afton and the promise of seeing her again in 2 weeks
3. monstrously big bathtubs
4. spending time in my big, fluffy bed, which is the most comfortable thing in this entire world
5. celebrity crushes
6. beating neal at scrabble . . . again (even though i'm pretty sure he's going to SCHOOL me when he gets into town on holiday)
7. being non-encumbered by the mtv-mind-set that plagues several generations
8. searching for walter. seriously! how do you lose a 4-foot iguana? yet - it happens at least once a week and i am amused every time
9. iPod's - enabling me to have access to a completely unnecessary amount of music at all times
10. old-school grandpa style cardigans