Friday, November 14, 2008

the other half of the list . . .

51. i have to match when i go to bed.
52. i'm pretty good at floral arranging. i've done wedding bouquets for 5 or 6 people. i love it.
53. one of my secret talents is making paper snowflakes.
54. i love to dance.
55. my favorite flowers are lily's.
56. i keep magazines forever. it's really hard for me to throw them away.
58. i really like pirates. i think they're super cool. and for the record, it was my favorite ride at disneyland long before they ever made the movies (which i also love).
59. if I had to pick one book as my favorite, it would be "little women" by louisa may alcott.
60. i am very religious.
61. i've always wanted my nose pierced. i doubt i ever will, but the desire is still there . . .
62. i think idiosyncracies are the best things about a person
63. one of my secret talents is reading out loud.
64. i don't get nervous about talking in front of big groups of people.
65. i like poetry. my favorite poem is "variations on the word sleep" by margaret atwood.
66. i hate washing my hair.
67. i hate the dentist.
68. i love to wear hats.
69. i really love scary movies, but i can't go in those haunted houses at halloween. i get so scared i cry. it's pretty funny.
70. i wish i could paint.
71. hairy men gross me out. seriously. i'm gaging just thinking about it.
72. my mom and i get really excited every year about those super cheesy made-for-tv christmas movies. we watch a LOT of them.
73. i LOVE the rain. i should probably move to washington or something.
74. i'm really loyal.
75. i'm really protective.
76. i like black nail polish.
77. i almost never tie my shoes.
78. technology kind of creeps me out.
79. i wish i were ambidextrous.
80. there are songs that getting me insanely hyper every time i hear them. some of the songs are smooth criminal, oh l'amour, you can't stop the beat, and dancing with myself.
81. i have fallen asleep in the bathtub . . . more than once . . .
82. i've hiked mt. whitney.
83. sometimes i snore.
84. when people tell me they "need to talk to me" i get this sick panicky feeling because i always assume that i've done something wrong and i'm in trouble. i have no idea why . . .
85. i love scarves.
86. i have contact lenses in about 5 different colors that i wear sometimes. it's fun.
87. people are intimidated by me when they first meet me. i have no idea why. i don't even try.
88. i LOVE it when boys kiss your hand. it's beyond adorable.
89. my dad calls me "claybasket." he got it from the michener novel "centennial". it's the name of one of the indian women in the book. apparently i looked like a little indian baby when i was born (my mom is part indian). NOBODY else calls me that.
90. i have fallen off a run-away horse.
91. i've had stitches in my eyelid.
92. i have personal space issues. i hate it when people read over my shoulder or stand really close to me all the time or lean in really close when they talk to me. some people i don't mind, but most people . . . i need my 3 feet!
93. i'm really good at glaring. my death looks are quite menacing . . . or so I'm told.
94. i believe that fun is an attitude, not an activity.
95. i love to play games . . . board games, card games . . . but not mind games. that's lame.
96. i love doing problem solving exercises like crossword puzzles, sudoku, puzzles, etc.
97. i love going to the movies.
98. i love slow dancing.
99. i can't stand needy people.
100. formality makes me really uncomfortable.


Logan and Heidi said...

You hate it when people say "anyways" and usually correct them. :) Just thought of that one.