Monday, November 17, 2008

sniffle sniffle . . . no sleep

it's official. i have my first cold of the season. i probably should have foreseen it . . . the best way for me to get over a cold is to get an excessive amount of sleep. alas, that will not be possible this week. here's what's on the docket:

1. schoolwork. i'm getting a little anxious about my history class. yes, i have an "A", but the semester is fast coming to an end and i have a lot of reading to do and a paper to write and studying for the final comprehensive test . . . . if i become a professor, i think i'm going to forego comprehensive finals. it's just cruel.

2. wednesday my family and i are going to see the trans-siberian orchestra. we're pretty psyched about it. we saw them a few years ago and it was fan-tastic. even my dad liked it enough to want to go again, which is impressive since he only listens to old-school country. worry not, dear readers, we are sitting far, far in the back . . . so we won't be incinerated by the pyrotechnics.

3. thursday night at 12:00 a.m. dear regina and i are going to make like a couple of maniacally besotted 14-year old girls and see "twilight" the second it comes out. i can hear the sighing and squealing already . . . .

4. after my juvenile adventure on thursday night, i will then drag myself out of bed for a math test at 8:00 a.m. friday morning.

5. on top of all of this, i have 2 books i'm reading for book clubs that i'm in . . . not to mention stuff i want to read on my own . . . i wish i could speed read.

also, seeing as how next week is thanksgiving and we will have visitors, my mother will be sure to have some deep-cleaning activities for this weekend . . . and it's not like the boys are going to do those . . . .


Sapp Family said...

Not sure if you remember me. Craig's friend/Annaleesa's sister...just came across your blog one day. Had to say Hello and maybe I'll see you at the Twilight premier. My sister a friend of ours and I are going to the midnight showing on Thursday at Edwards. Then back to work the next day at 8. I know I am way to old for this but I'm so excited. I love to read, the movie is never as good as the book but this should be tons of fun.
Karyn (Dehmel) Sapp

Keri said... could avoid all this by talking your family into coming down here for thanksgiving! We miss your stinking faces! I have to talk Konni into going and seeing Twilight and she won't even read the book. How lame! It would be so much easier if you came up and we could see it together (I know, I know, you'll have already seen it).