Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 things that made me happy this week

i am proclaiming all happiness inducing instances for this week christmas miracles . . . i think you'll see why.

1. going christmas shopping the saturday before christmas and finding you have arrived before the crowds. no lines. no pushing. no getting stuck behind some idiot who moves slower than a desert tortoise.

2. finding the perfect gift in the first store you walk into at 50% (or more) off.

3. finding a prime parking spot at the busiest shopping center in town, which is very helpful when your shopping with a 2 month old baby.

4. said 2 month old baby making it through a 7 hour shopping day with hardly a peep.

5. coming home to find a driveway full of free firewood. enough to last us through winter.

6. fires in fireplaces.

7. canceled ward council meetings.

8. my boss deciding to close the office wednesday, thursday and friday.

9. lamenting over an almost perfect gift in a drab color, and then discovering the same gift in the perfect color hiding right behind it . . . with one more in the needed size.

10. everyone except marc is spending the night at the house . . . so we're all one big happy family tonight.
and as a christmas bonus . . .
11. my mom finally posted something on her blog. check it out. we're linked.
merry christmas everyone!!