Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 things that made me happy this week

1. only working two days last week.

2. my new red coat. it's so cute, very 1950/60's. love it!

3. eggs benedict. my favorite breakfast and we have it for christmas morning every year.

4. sleeping in.

5. having heidi, logan and afton in town for christmas.

6. afton is now smiling. next step . . . laughing . . . . can't wait.

7. putting together a wedding boutineer with duct tape. the guys loved it.

8. sarah's wedding bouquet turned out great. i was really worried for a while, but i was satisfied with the end result.

9. finally finishing "the mysteries of udolpho."

10. and last, but certainly not least . . . for christmas i got my first blue box . . .

only mine had a red ribbon instead of white (it being christmas and all). and inside . . . i found this . . . .

so exciting!! thanks mom!!