Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

new years eve was actually decent this year. i've had a long run of dull, if not horrific, new years eves . . . so it was a welcome change. i watched mamma mia (again. i will never get tired of it) until i was ready to head out, then i caught up with my friends at the young single adult dance. here we are . . .

we were supposed to dress "formal" which i'm completely against. how am i supposed to bust a move in a dress?! (please, can someone explain this to me) my compromise was to fashion a flapper-esque headpiece, which was semi-elegant and totally fun.

after the dance i went home. i know what you're thinking, boring . . . but i needed my rest as we got up bright and early new years day and went to magic mountain. it was a great day to go. we basically walked on every ride, which is great because standing in line is NOT on my list of favorite things to do, but not so great because when you don't have any time in between roller coasters your body doesn't have any time to recalibrate, and i get a little motion sick. but can i just say that i love, love, love roller coasters.

my body is not loving them as much as my soul anymore, but that does not stop me. hopefully i will be riding them when i'm 75. a few of us bought year passes because it was the same price as a day pass, so i predict several trips to the mountain this year. i'm pretty stoked about it.

this was our last ride of the day. x2. it is freaking awesome! props to the guy who thought that one up. major props also go out to the inventor of tatsu. that headfirst dive into the ground is absolutely terrifying in the best possible sense of the word. *sigh* can't wait to go back.


JessaMarie said...

Fun, fun, fun! I wanted to be there for Christmas and New Year's sooo bad! I too am a great rollercoaster lover!!! :-) Miss ya!