Saturday, January 17, 2009

mascots and masculinity

my transcripts from last semester finally made their way across town to fresno state, and i was officially accepted and all holds taken off my account. so i registered for my classes. i'm taking history 4 (which mostly teaches us how to do research and stuff, all history majors have to take it) and latin (which is on my list of things to do before i die). actually, mike and i are taking latin together. i'm feeling pretty enthusiastic about it. classes start on wednesday. yesterday i paid my tuition and bought my books. so i am now officially a bulldog.
last night sharon (my trusty cow-friend) and i went to the professional bull riding event at the savemart center.
that's right my friends . . . . four hours of overt manly-man-ness on fantastic display. there were 45 riders, the top 15 of which rode twice. a little blood here and there, lots of limping, and one very close call. one of the cowboys lost his vest when he was thrown off, and the then bull was right on top of him trying to get him with his horns. the cowboy escaped with a shredded shirt, skin in tact. awesome!

we had such a great time. next up on the cowboy docket is a "man from snowy river" marathon, followed by the clovis rodeo in april.


Zion Tilley said...

You guys are cute. I would have LOVED to go to that rodeo. I am up for the event in April though. Don't foget to invite me. :)

JessaMarie said...

Congratulations Ashlee! Look at you going to school and all!