Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week

i realize this is a day late, but in defense of myself, i've been down with a horrid cold thing this week and had a lot of homework and had relief society stuff to attend to and a lesson to plan and i had to write a paper, so actually it's pretty impressive that i'm only a day behind . . .
1. being the only person in a crowded room to see something really funny, and laughing so hard you cry and can't breathe while everyone sits around wondering what they missed. i'll never tell!

2. the orchards all over fresno are blooming and with all the pink and white flowers it looks like a crazy beautiful scene out of the cheesiest romance movie you ever imagined. i'll try and get pictures.

3. my amaryllis bloomed. thus, i have officially completed one of my new year resolution. (picture to follow)

4. my visiting teacher just returned from a trip to india and she brought me this fantastic silver cuff with elephants on it. i love it! i haven't taken it off. i love getting jewelry from other countries. you have a story every time you wear it.

5. i finally have a full relief society presidency. hooray.

6. mazur was "not comfortable" (translation: scared) in the living room the other night so he came in to sleep with me, but he was still having trouble falling asleep, so i read harry potter out loud until he fell asleep. it's his first chapter book and i didn't know how much he would really understand, but he stopped me at one point because the description of the cat sitting on the wall was "freaking him out." he was picturing it sitting sideways on the wall, instead of on top of the wall. ha ha. kids are so funny.

7. herman melville said "how it is i know not; but there is no place like a bed for confidential disclosures between friends." my friends and i sometimes end up laying on someones bed and talking and those are usually our best conversations. we had one this weekend.

8. I have not yet completely silenced the 14-year old girl in my head, so I am still able to watch movies like high school musical 3 and be completely amused.

9. i finally cleaned my room. it looks lovely.

10. i taught relief society this past week, and i felt really good about my lesson.