Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week

1. stargazing nights at the lake.

2. clue.

3. good conversations that last into the wee small hours of the morning without you noticing.

4. doing things that scare you emotionally and having it pay off. specifically, my conversation with regina in which i confessed my overwhelming sense of insecurity and inadequacy and she was really supportive. it helped a lot.

5. visiting teaching dinners.

6. roommate ryan has turned out to be HILARIOUS!

7. discovering kendall was one of the performers of the super-amazing performance of "demons" at last years talent show.

8. power walking.

9. getting to know people better.

10. having 14 people over for sunday dinner.


sEcr8t8gEnt said...

you did not put esther down...very disappointed!!!