Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

again i am late with my weekly top ten . . . and i can make the excuse that i had a latin test yesterday so i was super stressed and didn't have time . . . but truthfully, after my test (which i was really stressed about) i was so euphoric with relief that i took off to the movies with friends and i completely forgot about my post . . . whatever, it's my blog, and my post. i can do whatever i want . . . right?
1. saturday night me and all my friends ate dinner together. we decided to make it breakfast themed. we (meaning i) made eggs benedict, which is my favorite breakfast meal. i was surprised at how many people had never had it before! pretty much everyone loved it, but probably not as much as i do . . . yummy. kendall made his from-scratch waffles, which were also a hit.

2. i got 47 out of 50 on my second paper for my historical research class. hooray for me.

3. i was completely unprepared for my latin test so i left work early on wednesday to study. it was really productive. i think i did alright on the test. we shall see, but i am super relieved to have it out of the way. .

4. there is a girl in my ward who is super-smart. she speaks 3 or 4 languages, and she's pre-med . . . yada, yada. on sunday she told me she thinks i'm really smart, which was totally flattering coming from her.

5. on sunday craig lost a game of settlers of catan. congratulations to amy for deposing the tyrant.

6. i made it thorough a baby shower and a bridal shower on saturday without playing a single game. who makes that crap up anyway? i hate shower games. HATE THEM. if you're going to throw a shower and you're going to play those games, just don't invite me. please. i promise i will not be offended.

7. my room has stayed clean for several weeks running now. it feels so nice to walk in and have it be organized and non-chaotic. now if i could just find a candle that i really liked that didn't make me sick after a few days of the same smell . . . .

8. it is gorgeous outside. yesterday when i was studying for my latin test i sat in the backyard in a lawn chair, basking in the sunlight. (hello vitamin d! missed you.) i shall resume my ritual of going home for lunch and eating in the backyard. however this will be bittersweet as i usually sat in the backyard with walter.

9. regina and i went to see "taken" again with craig and kendall (they had not yet seen it). again, we laughed at inappropriate moments (like when he karate chops people in the throat and it completely debilitates them, or when the guy gets hit by the semi). what can i say, violence against scumbags makes me giddy. unfortunately, i think the boys now think we're a little psycho . . .

10. the other day i overheard mazur telling my mom that he really likes me when i act like i'm not excited to see him, but he doesn't like me when i act excited to see him . . . .