Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

last week was an incredibly busy week, and i really need to do posts about the different things i did, but i haven't quite found time yet . . . so this week's 10 things will be a little preview of "what goes on" posts to come.

1. going out for indian food at north india bar and grill - my favorite restaurant in fresno. super yummy.
2. bull riding on thursday night. sharon and i made plans in january to go, and we've been counting the days . . . this year some of our friends joined us for the festivities. fun!

3. witnessing a friend get sealed in the temple. it's always overjoying to see people commit on such a level, and to see how happy it makes them and everyone involved. congratulations jess and james.

*bonus associated moment of happiness - it was my first time in the oakland temple, which is where my parents got married, so that was exciting!

4. after the wedding, the car i was in wouldn't start, and we were stranded in oakland for about three hours (post to follow). which doesn't sound happy, but we all had such great attitudes, and we had some immensely kind people trying to help us . . . so the real experience was that we were the receivers of charity and service, and we laughed over the entire experience for pretty much the whole three stranded hours, and the three hour car ride home.

*bonus associated moment of happiness - 6 hours of laughing = a lot of burned calories . . . i'm just saying . . .

5. saturday sharon and i went back to the rodeo (post to follow). i love rodeo's. how can you not love a rodeo? good show, even better people watching . . . how some people justify walking out of their houses dressed the way they are is beyond my ability to comprehend. but it makes for great entertainment.

6. john green is officially home from college.

7. movie date with neal. we saw "fast and furious." go ahead, scoff . . . but you know deep down you secretly enjoyed those movies too . . . except "tokyo drift" . . . that one was lame . . .

8. i got 101% on my latin test and 45/50 on my history paper. school is looking good. i'm starting to panic a little about my final research paper for history because i don't know if i'm going to be able to find primary sources . . . at least, not any in english. but whatever.

9. there is a radio station playing nothing but christmas music. not quite sure what that's about . . . but it certainly is amusing!

10. on sunday i got into bed around 6:30 and stayed there pretty much the rest of the night. i watched movies. it was perfect.