Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. watching "say anything." regina and kendall had never seen it before, and they loved it . . . as they should have. (hermana perry, if you're reading this . . . you invade my soul!)

2. i planted some hanging baskets this weekend. they're fabulous. i love flowers. i wanna be that 80-year-old woman who has the garden around her house that's so crazy big you can't even see the house . . .

3. jennifer ward posted a video on her blog of 200 people showing up at a train station and doing a routine to "do re me" from "the sound of music." you can watch it here. we all need more musical moments in life. i can only hope i'll be a part of one on this scale someday.

4. i got 9 hours of sleep on monday night. it was pretty amazing.

5. it has warmed up enough that i have to sleep with the fan on. i like the white noise. i sleep better with it on.

6. john got his mission call. he's going to the new hampshire, manchester mission, which takes in vermont and . . . most importantly . . . maine! which is fantastic, because i've been looking for an excuse to go to maine, and now i have one!!! (yeah, it's all about me)

7. bbc's production of "little dorrit." it's great. i'm probably going to buy it.

8. NKOTB. yes . . . . it is what you're thinking. i saw new kids on the block in concert last thursday. danny, donnie, joe, jon, jordon have returned! my brother's friend called up and randomly enough had two free tickets to give away. and honestly, i didn't want to go all that much, but i knew regina wanted to, so i texted her and voila, we were at the concert.

it. was. fabulous.

pretty much as soon as i walked into the arena i was 13 years old again, swooning away over jon (he was my fav). so much fun . . . the guys still have it. truth be told, they have more of it now! i loved it. i'm still singing all the songs. and i don't even have to feel a little bit ridiculous about it because the entire crowd was in the exact same boat as me . . . ladies who were obsessed 20 years ago and were indulging in maniac nostalgia for the night.

*bonus associated moment of happiness: when i texted regina to see if she wanted to go, i texted her that i had "NKOTB" tickets, and she knew exactly what i was talking about. i didn't have to write out the whole name of the band, which made my heart happy.

9. the jabawokeez opened for NKOTB. i know what you're thinking . . . random. but they were amazing. *sigh* seriously. the whole night was just perfect.

10. i yelled at someone in the kaiser permanente collections department today.


Sapp Family said...

Kaiser could stand some yelling at. They are so irratating some times. I've yelled at the bussiness department at least one time and the ER each time we've been there. LOVED the train station performance!!!

April said...

You have a great memory...I am going to have to watch Say Anything again-how romantic. "you invade my soul"...that was Abe right? Good times!