Sunday, April 19, 2009

leo carillo 2009

yes. it's that time of year again . . . spring break. and in the green and termeer families, that means it's time to head over to leo carillo for our annual camping trip. for the past several years the bulk of people in camp have been in their teens and twenties. this year, we had nine children. needless to say, the grown-ups were excessively busy monitoring all the kidletts . . .

amazingly, with all those kids, we had a surprising low number of injuries. there were the expected amount of scrapes, bruises and splinters; a few falls out of trees; and one 3rd degree burn on mazur's leg, which he deemed the "fire leg."

i was super excited this year because aunt becky and mindy came. it was so fun to spend time with them. i'm really hoping they come again next year and bring the rest of the williamson clan with them. it's been way too long since we were all camping together.

we had an easter egg hung again. it was great, the kids had a good time . . . as did the squirrels that were trying to hijack the easter egg hunt by breaking into the eggs for the candy inside!!

i was hyper-vigilant with the sunscreen and didn't get a sunburn until the last day, when i let myself get a little red, but only enough to turn into a tan.

this year we were particularly lucky . . . it only rained once. we've had much much worse . . .

here are a few pics:

heidi also blogged about the trip here.