Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

there was no "10 things" posting last week because i was out of town, camping at the beach. we were far, far away from the mass of technology, which is a happiness in and of itself!

1. camping. i just love camping. we all look forward to our annual leo carillo trip with the termeers. we missed out last year . . . sad . . . but we were back in full force this year.

2. spending time with mindy. she came camping this year and i hadn't seen her in over a year, i think. she is one of my bosom buddies. a kindred spirit. the cheese to my macaroni. love her!

3. we had 9 children in camp this year, 7 of which were below the age of 5, and 3 of them were 6 months or less and needed to be held about 80% of the time. it was exhausting, but it was a lot of fun too. kids are so funny.

4. i was super responsible with my sunscreen this year, and i did not get burned until the last day when i let myself get a little bit red, but just enough that it would turn into a tan a few days later . . . which it has, and it looks great (if i do say so myself).

5. sobe bombs. roommate ryan finally had the opportunity to do one for us . . . it was spectacular.

6. easter egg hunts. our neighbors across the street came over for easter again this year and made the confetti eggs again . . . they are so much fun. why do we not have confetti egg fights every week? next year we're going to incorporate glitter into the whole thing . . now that will be something to behold!

7. kendall asked me to cut his hair, which made me really nervous, but i did it and it turned out just fine . . . so apparently i can now add cutting-boys-hair to my list of secret talents.

8. craig gave me a pirate ring this week. he just saw it and thought of me . . . awwwwww . . . thanks!

9. i got to talk to esther-is-bester this week, which was great, even if she is crazy and doesn't like perfectly fantastic things like the movie "enchanted" or the book "stargirl." oh well, we can't all be perfect . . .

10. mazur turned 5 on monday and his mom threw him a party at john's incredible pizza. i had never been there before. we all had a good time playing arcade games and bumper cars. mike and i faced off in dance dance revolution. surprisingly, he killed me. who knew?