Sunday, May 3, 2009

cowboys, cowboys everywhere

it's was time for the clovis rodeo again. oh happy day. thursday night was pbr night. sharon and i were joined by regina, kendall, maria, mike, melanie and lori. regina and lori had never seen bull riding before, which is a travesty, but they have been cured of the affliction.

it was a pretty good night. not quite as good as the full pbr tour, but i'll take it! we didn't get to go on friday because i had a wedding out of town (more on that in another post), but sharon and i were back at the rodeo grounds on saturday for a full day of performances. we had tri-tip sandwiches, we laughed at the women wearing clothing completely inappropriate for their size, and enjoyed the athletes and animals.

bull riders

barrel racing

mutton busters

bronco riding


Meredith said...

I've never been to the Clovis Rodeo... sad, I know. I've been to a couple rodeos so I haven't been completely shielded! Hubby and I are planning on putting our son, Ryan, in mutton busting when he is old enough. We can't wait!