Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. i'm researching vlad III dracula. he's cool in a kills-everything-in-sight way. diggin' it.

2. the family has decided to take a trip to hawaii. i've always been kind of indiferent toward hawaii, but now i'm super excited to see pearl harbor. we bought tickets. it's done. we're going.

3. i saw "wolverine." awesome. hooray for x-men . . . which brings me to my next thing that made me happy . . .

4. hugh jackman. just knowing that men like that are in the world makes me happy. i watched highlights from "australia" last night. *sigh* if i move to australia, do you think i'll magically find my own "drover"? might be worth the experiment . . .

5. the end of school is in sight . . . which is both scary and exciting. the good news is that my grades are high enough that i'm not worried in the least about passing. the worst that could happen is that i wouldn't get an "A".

6. i did all my laundry this weekend. it was pretty backed up. now i have tons of choices.

7. relief society slumber party. very fun. very loud. i sang karaoke, which never happens.

8. snaps is the name of the game, the name of the game is snaps . . . i know the secret, do you?

9. john got his wisdom teeth out and his cheeks are all puffed out. ha ha.

10. david and debbie termeer. (wink, wink) thanks for the cadburry mini eggs.


Louis said...

Crap!! I used to know the answer to the snaps thing...What is it? This is going to drive me nuts!!

lgashton said...

I need to know the secret to snaps. It is dire.