Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. finishing off my semester! it's over. i can relax and socialize! but i still feel anxious if i'm not doing anything, like i'm forgetting an assignment or something. i think it will take a few weeks before i really get out of student mode.

2. i now know for a fact that i got an "A" in latin.

3. i've already read a book and a half since finishing this semester. oh, how i've missed it!

4. three-day weekend! i got to sleep in and lounge around all day on monday. glorious.

5. my new swimsuit arrived and fits, all in time for vacation.

6. after a year of searching and agonizing, my mom finally picked out new flooring for the kitchen. next . . . entertainment center for the tv room . . . she's only been looking for about five years.

7. had dinner out with friends for nate's birthday. good food, good conversation . . . it's so nice to socialize again.

8. i was really happy with the way my vlad iii dracula paper turned out. plus, now when i read "dracula" and "the historian" i understand so much more of the history they mention.

9. on my way to get a pedicure . . .

10. um, this is going to sound redundant, but . . . I'M LEAVING FOR HAWAII IN 3 DAYS! 7 days of relaxation and frivolity. yes please!



yay!!! Schools out. I remember the feeling of relief after a semester ended!

lgashton said...

1. I know how you feel. I go to grab my computer to work on a paper I turned in over a week ago. This is what the teachers wanted. I love conspiracies.

2. Congrats! Veni, vidi, vici.

3. Jealous.

4. Jealous and ditto.

5. Jealous.

6. My mom is that way, too. Apparently, giving birth induces crazy. They are so lucky we love them.

7. Jealous.

8. I've decided I like Twilight. Relevant?

9. Jealous.


Also, do you enjoy how they make you type in a "word" to put up comments? Todays special word: astatacha. Back 'atcha!