Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week

special, from hawaii:

1. taking a nap in hammock on our hawaiian beach-house porch.

2. faced fear of sharks and ocean and went snorkeling.

3. there is a super cool canoe/boat out in the little bay we are staying on. we swam out to it to get a closer look and they invited us aboard. it was really cool.

4. took a nice walk on the beach and came across a man that apparently thinks pants are optional on public beaches. he appeared to have a baseball cap over his junk . . . i looked straight down. completely not interested in that business.

5. have finished a book and a half so far on my vacation.

6. pesky little knot in back just below left shoulder-blade is almost completely gone.

7. woke up early enough to watch sunrise over the ocean.

8. visited pearl harbor.

9. our beach-house sits on the north-east side of oahu, and the entire east side of the house is windows. we have to wear sunglasses at the kitchen table for the first half of the morning because it's so bright.

10. the tahitian girls and their crazy hips. gotta learn how to do that!


AngelaBeth said...

Ahhh I'm so jealous! Sounds amaaazing. By the way I know hula and some tahitian (it's mostly the same steps just waaaay faster) and I can toooootally teach you.

sEcr8t8gEnt said...