Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. cheesecake factory.

2. the stripper scene in "the proposal." i'll never look at oscar the same again . . .

3. floating the kings river. not so excited about the resulting sunburn though . . .

4. i fluffed my bed last night. it feels like a cloud.

5. working off my anger via the elliptical machine for an hour.

6. teaching the lesson in elders quorum. i feel like it went well. but that's the most nervous i've been in a long time.

7. my mom is the new primary president in her ward. you can all laugh out loud with me.

8. finding out that a particularly obnoxious client has actually been banned from walmart. i didn't know they did that.

9. a man came into the office today and he had the weirdest voice. he sounded like the guy on "the waitress" who does the impromptu poetry. regina and i were in hysterics.

10. the butt dance.


SunshineGrrl said...

And of course, the prospect of seeing your favorite cousin in the world! Make sure and bring a listing of books I need to read since I'm only Semi-Mobile!


AngelaBeth said...

Re: 8. You can get thrown out of/banned from a lot of places. Example: my mother is no longer allowed in Hollywood Video. DRAMATIC!

Beck Bee said...

i want to see the proposal. and i would have been in hysterics with you over The Waitress guy. so funny