Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. i'm re-reading "jane eyre" for our ward book club. it's been a few years since i read it last. i love it even more this time! perfection.

2. as a special treat to myself, i also watched the latest bbc production of "jane eyre," which is also perfect. i could watch it over and over. but i won't. i will exercise self control

3. john is now officially a ward of the mtc. good to have him gone (i mean that in the best way). i'm really excited for him.

4. last weeks vampire dance (on "so you think you can dance") was amazing. i think i held my breath the whole time.

5. we went to ruth's chris for dinner for johns birthday. the steaks are inconceivably good and the potatoes au gratin make my taste buds want to explode.

6. i had friday off work for the holiday. i was super lazy, watched several movies, and avoided make-up for the whole day.

7. guacamole.

8. fireworks. violent explosives (for the boys) + glitter (for the girls) = everyone's happy.

*note: wouldn't it be amazing if there really was glitter in fireworks, and it just rained down all over you?! i must make this happen!!

9. celebrating america and all the amazing things it can be.

10. making keri's happy box.



oooh, guacamole... love it! I like the sparkle idea.

Jessica Havican said...

Ok I really love the sparkle idea too! Do it!