Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. watched wolverine with regina and maria. they hadn't seen it yet. very entertaining, their reactions. **bonus: hugh jackman**

2. gambit: "did you miss me?"

regina: "yes!"

3. we went to dinner for amy's birthday. randomly, the man at the next table walked over and sang happy birthday to her and maria. he was amazing. he went back to his table and finished his dinner. on his way out, he stopped by again and we figured out who he was. he sings the foodmax jingle on the radio. we were all in hysterics.

4. i found the most gorgeous editions of jane eyre and wuthering heights on amazon international. i ordered them. i can't wait to get them. it's been years since i read wuthering heights. every time i buy the book with the plan to re-read it, i loan it out and never see it again. this edition is definitely not ever being loaned!

5. i finally received this in the mail:

oh how i love it, even more so since i got it at half price!

6. i joined netflix this week. i have filled my queue with several bbc productions i have yet to see. i'm so excited. i should be receiving north and south just in time for the weekend.

* on a side note: i must read a novel by elizabeth gaskell. i've thoroughly enjoyed the bbc productions of wives and daughters and cranford.

7. the addiction dance on last week's sytycd. amazing. i almost cried.

8. my "books to read" list.

9. the roofers have finished their work on our house. there is an end to debris and dust!

10. i went to see harry potter and the half blood prince at midnight. it was fun. the movie is great. how fun it is to escape into that world for a while!


Natalie* said...

so much to say, dear friend:
hugh jackman = delicious. netflicks should have the london theatre production of OKLAHOMA! - he plays curly perfectly and is completely yum-a-licious.
also netflicks JANE EYRE - the BBC version with toby stephens - also yum-a-licious to the highest level.
also - have you seen DEFIANCE, speaking of yum-a-licious - daniel craig is stupendous in that one.
AND THAT HANDBAG!!!!! is it BODEN?! i NEED it!

Jessica Havican said...

What a great week!! I love that purse and BBC movies never seem to disappoint me. I should really get on the Netflix train. Especially since James bid on a clearplay on EBay and got it for just $40!! I still need to see Wolverine. Your post just reminded me.

Louis said...

AMEN on the addiction dance!! I loved it...it was sososo incredible!