Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. finished bridge to teribithia in time to discuss it tonight at book club.

2. regina and i had a case of the giggles on friday. no explanation, but everything sent us into a fit of hysterics, especially if it wasn't funny at all!

3. school has begun. i'm excited because my classes seem like they're going to be very interesting, but they're also reading intensive, so i basically don't exist in the outside world anymore until december.

4. i had my eyebrows professionally shaped over the weekend. it was lovely.

5. mike and i discovered legend of the seeker on netflix. we have now watched the entire first season. it's decent. a little cheesy (but not as bad as it could be seeing as how it's produced by the same guys who did xena) but it's based on one of those epic fantasy series of novels that have been popular for ages, so i'm going to watch it this next season too. and not to be completely shallow, but the lead character's abs are the most beautiful things i've seen in ages. i would probably watch just for the off chance that he'll take his shirt off.

6. i'm sane. which doesn't really sound like something to be happy about, but i have to talk to certifiably crazy people every so often in my job, and i'm so thankful to be sane and without the need of medication.

7. found a new sandwich shop this week. it's really yummy.

8. simply limeade. super delicious.

9. i spent most of the weekend holed up in my house not doing anything but watching tv/movies and reading. sounds dull, i know, but it was a much needed calm before the storm of work and school for the next four months.

10. john's doctors released him to be sent into the mission field. he flew to new hampshire on friday (i think). he sounds really enthusiastic and his foot seems to be healing really well.