Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

i've decided to change my "top ten," as they've become known around here, to sunday's. with school and work it's becoming increasingly difficult to get it done mid-week. most of the time i don't even realize i've forgotten until the next day. so this will cover the last week and a half . . .

1. my uncle johnny, who isn't really my uncle but is, in actuality, my mom's cousin, called us last weekend to let us know he was coming to town to participate in a team roping competition. he's crazy good. he's been doing rodeo his entire life. we had a great time watching him compete.

2. logan's in town for a spell. it's fun having him around.

3. mom, heidi and i went to see the time travelers wife. hooray for girl's night out.

4. after a week of craving ginger ale, and every store i went to being sold out of it, i finally procured a 12 pack of the beverage.

5. glee! i'm a gleek. are you a gleek?

6. it's a three day weekend. i am soooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

7. yesterday was heidi's birthday. we went ice skating. i fell and cracked my head open. i now have two staples in my head. so it wasn't that great for me, but over all we had a good time. on the bright side, we were in and out of the emergency room in two hours on a saturday night. that's gotta be some kind of record.

8. watching afton eat is astounding. it's unbelievable how much food that girl can fit in her body. it's hysterical. she shovels it in hand over fist.

9. i changed my shampoo, and my hair seems to be happy about it.

10. i was released from my calling as relief society president today. perhaps it's a little sacrilegious to be so happy about being released, but honestly, i've been counting down the days . . .


Kristen said...

Does that mean I can call you Staple Head now? How was your birthday gig?