Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. it's my birthday!

2. went to indian food at my favorite restaurant.

3. received flowers at work on friday as an early birthday present.

4. my awesome friends. i received a subscription to in style and national geographic. they know me so well.

5. re-watched willow this week. it's been years. ridiculous. fantastic. very amusing.

6. family birthday dinner (with the termeers). green chicken enchiladas. mmmmm. even better because i didn't have to make them . . .

7. every summer woodward park puts on a free shakespeare festival. i saw richard iii on thursday. it was pretty good. the fighting at the end was a bit ridiculous, but overall it was fun.

8. quick trip up the mountain on friday night was great fun. i love the smell of the mountains here.

9. my birthday wordle.

10. i changed wards today. i finally get to go to church with all my friends!


sEcr8t8gEnt said...

september 13th? why did I think your birthday was october 13th? Anyways...HAPPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY BUTT!!!