Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. thumbs up cake from glee.

2. regina and i saw a kid pooping on the side of the road on our way up to shaver lake this weekend. very amusing.

3. andy, dwight and michael's "parcour" shenanigans on the office.

4. laura's late night twitter commentary as she was watching glee had regina and i in fits.

5. regina's community service. apparently she's doing an amazing job.

6. late night walk at shaver lake on friday night. there was no moon, and no clouds so the stars were out of control. (i couldn't even find orion.) we could even see the milky way.

7. me and my girls had "fishnets and fake eyelashes" day at church on sunday. we were mostly doing it to amuse ourselves, but all of our guy friends actually noticed and commented on the look. apparently it is attention getting, in a good way . . .

8. birthday postcard from italy.

9. watched dead poet's society sunday night. i feel another poetry night coming on . . .

10. i can finally sleep on the back of my head again!