Thursday, September 24, 2009

on my mind . . .

it's a good thing i'm only taking two classes this semester.
both of my professors expect a ridiculous amount of reading.
there's no way i'm going to pull it off.
i'm starting to feel a little bit panicked about all the reading and work i have to finish in the next few weeks, let alone the rest of the semester. . .

it is ridiculously hot in fresno.
tomorrow it is supposed to be 100 degrees.
i think it was 100 degrees yesterday and the day before.
it's the end of september for pity's sake!!
i'm done with the heat.
it's making me cranky.
someone please inform the big guy upstairs . . . apparently he's ignoring me.

this weekend we're heading down to san diego.
sounds nice, right . . .
not so much.
heidi and logan are moving out of their apartment so we're going down to pack it all up, move it all out, and clean the apartment.
all in one day.
on the bright side, it probably won't be 100 degrees in san diego.

it would seem that the members of the horrible-grammar-club have designated me as their target this month.
i haven't been correcting them, but the grace period is over.
there is no excuse. you're just being lazy.
pay attention to what you're saying.
if you sound like an imbecile i'm going to assume you are an imbecile,
and i'm not going to waste my time or attention on you.


April said...

I hope the weather cooperates with has been a scorcher here the last couple of days, like in the 90's at least. Hopefully your wishfulness for cool weather will bring the cool weather here. Good luck with the packing. Next time you need to come down just to hang out!!!