Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. football players "single ladies" dance routine on glee. i was literally screaming-out-loud laughing.

2. the return of criminal minds and my imaginary tv boyfriend (matthew gray gubler in the form of dr. spencer ried).

3. logan took the dat again and improved his score. congratulations to him!

4. good friends who made the trek to san diego with us to help move heidi and logan. thank you sharon and lori, your help was immeasurable! sharon . . . i'm sorry you're sick again.

5. friends who have the same sense of humor as i do . . .

6. dvr and hulu. making it possible for me to watch all the things i like, when i like. especially since idiots in tv land have decided to put three of my shows on at the same time . . .

7. "my body is like a rum chocolate souffle. if i don't warm it up right, it doesn't rise." where did they get these writers? genius!

8. testimony meeting on sunday provided several giggles, from the guy who announced he had been "saved" a few months earlier while finishing off his prison sentence to joel's upcoming activities poem. fantastic.

9. in relief society, we were asked if anyone wanted to share a time of trial in our life. one girl talked about the death of her toy poodle and the two year depression that followed in which she quit school, struggled with church . . . etc. seriously? i had to bite my lips to keep from laughing uproariously. even more amusing was when i happened to make eye contact with my friend sitting next to me and she said "don't even look at me." sweetie, if the death of a dog is going to send you into a two year funk, just stop now. don't even get out of bed. you're never going to make it through.

10. cousin mindy finally had her baby. welcome to the world emeri lou!


AngelaBeth said...

BAHAH! YOU! Love this. There is way more to poodle girl's story and she really is a sweetheart, but that is funny. lol. Can we learn the Single Ladies dance now?

Sharon said...

I am so sorry I had to miss RS on Sunday! That story is so....yeah...I would have been right there with you!