Sunday, October 4, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. watching mazur play soccer on saturday. hooray for bunch-ball.

2. very lazy weekend. i didn't even put on make-up friday or saturday.

3. general conference.

4. kristen's wedding planning meeting. it's going to be beautiful.

5. lady gaga's performances on snl. she is so weird. like . . . weird to the point that i bet you can't even have a coherent conversation with her. but the performances are amusing.

6. i got a massage. it was amazing. and that pesky little knot below my left shoulder blade is almost gone. at least i can't feel it when i breathe in now.

7. it's cooling down again. i actually had to wear a coat to class.

8. my fortune cookie told me "you shall soon achieve perfection." yes! i knew i was close . . .

9. candles that drown out the smell of my co-workers canned fish lunches everyday. they seriously make me want to gag. how can she swallow it? my candle is saving my life.

10. it's october!!! fall, pumpkins, dead leaves, halloween, crisp weather, apple cider, hot chocolate, soup, extra blankets, costumes . . . i welcome you all with open arms!!


Heather said...

Amen about Lady Gaga! The chick is CRAAAAAZZZZYYYY! And about October! I love the Fall!

Jessica Havican said...

Ew fish! I love candles. Especially candles that smell like fall. We just bought one that's pumpkin spice, apple carmel, and some other delectable smell. I love it! and I love you!