Thursday, August 20, 2009

65 questions

it's been awhile since i posted something other than my weekly top ten. when my friends and i get together, one of our favorite things to do is to take turns asking each other questions. it's all about the conversation and getting to know each other better. so when i saw this quiz on my friend natalie's blog, i decided to steal it.

1. first thing you wash in the shower? (also stealing natalie's answer) my hair. i like to let the conditioner sit in for as long as possible.

2. what color is your favorite hoodie? red with a black design.

3. would you kiss the last person you kissed again? absolutely NOT

4. do you plan outfits? sometimes. it depends on the momentousness of the occasions . . .

5. how are you feeling RIGHT now? a little tired.

6. whats the closest thing to you that's red?my toenails. my mom says they're the exact color of a candy apple.

7. tell me about the last dream you remember having? i don't want to think about it. it was disturbing.

8. did you meet anybody new today? no.

9. what are you craving right now? i don't know that i'm craving anything. but i am looking forward with longing to indian food for my birthday dinner . . . .

10. do you floss? not as regularly as i should.

11. what comes to mind when I say cabbage? russians.

12. are you emotional? hmmmmm. no. i feel a lot more emotional than i ever display, but i'm not ruled by my emotions.

13. have you ever counted to 1,000? not that i can recall.

14. do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? usually i lick it. but if i'm eating a fudge bar or something, i bite into it a bit.

15. do you like your hair? yes, most of the time.

16. do you like yourself? yes. probably too much.

17. would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? sure, why not?

18. what are you listening to right now? a cat meowing.

19. were your parents strict? yes. at least on me. the plight of the oldest sibling.

20. would you go sky diving? it's on my list of things to do before i die.

21. do you like cottage cheese? yes.

22. have you met a celebrity? yes. a couple actually.

23. do you rent movies often? yes. hooray for netflix!

24. is there anything sparkly in the room you're in right now? my watch. does that count?

25. how many countries have you visited? three. canada, mexico, and chile.

26. have you made a prank phone call? yes. a very, very long time ago.

27. ever been on a train? yes. a couple of times.

28. brown or white eggs? white.

29. do you have a cell-phone? yes.

30. do you use chap stick? yes, constantly.

31. do you own a gun? personally, i don't know. i inherited one when my grandfather died, but a bunch of our guns were stolen, so i don't know if mine is still around. but my family owns several . . . so, yes.

32. can you use chop sticks? yes, grasshopper.

33. who are you going to be with tonight? probably mom, mike, mazur and marc.

34. are you too forgiving? no. quite the opposite, actually.
35. ever been in love? yes.

36. what are your best friend(s) doing tomorrow? they're all probably working.

37. ever have cream puffs? mmmmmmmmm, yummy. (that's a yes, by the way)

38. last time you cried? either when i bore my testimony or i watched the breast cancer dance on so you think you can dance.

39. what was the last question you asked? i asked regina "did you laugh at him?" when she told me her teach mispronounced her name in class today.

40. favorite time of the year? fall

41. do you have any tattoos? no. i have fought the temptation for a long time, it would be a shame to give in now.

42. are you sarcastic? yes.

43. have you ever seen the butterfly effect? no.

44. ever walked into a wall? yes.

45. favorite color(s)? orange, black and red.

46. have you ever slapped someone? yes.

47. is your hair curly? yes.

48. what was the last CD you bought? hmmmm, i bought feist's album on itunes . . . does that count?

49. do looks matter? yes, but they're enhanced or completely diminished by personality.

50. could you ever forgive a cheater? probably not.

51. is your phone bill sky high? no.

52 do you like your life right now? yes!

53. do you sleep with the T.V. on? no! it bothers me.

54. can you handle the truth? i hope so. it's the whole point of living. if you can't handle truth, then you're just wasting space and time.

55. do you have good vision? according to my visit a month ago i have perfect vision. but the nice man gave me reading glasses because my eyes get tired because i read a lot.

56. do you hate or dislike more than 3 people? yes.

57. how often do you talk on the phone? not very, if i can help it. i answer the phone all day at work, which is basically torture for me, so the last thing i want to do on my down time is have the phone stuck to my head.

58. the last person you held hands with? afton. only it wasn't so much holding hands as her holding on to my finger while she stood up. if we're talking holding hands with someone who actually registers the phrase "holding hands," then drew.

59. what are you wearing? jeans and a white shirt.

60.what is your favorite animal? elephant

61. where was your profile picture taken? in my car.

62. can you hula hoop? not any more.

63. do you have a job? yes.

64. what was the most recent thing you bought? manicure/pedicure last night. lovely.

65. have you ever crawled through a window? oh yes, many a time.


Logan and Heidi said...

#46-Yes...Ash slapped me repeatedly on my legs in a van in hawaii. I know what you're not out of playfulness. She had the same scary look in her eye that Heidi gets if you talk to her while she is playing tetris.


Ashlee said...

You were intentionally provoking me. I make no apologies . . .