Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. terminator salvation. it was really intense! so good. i wish i'd seen the rest of the movies so i really knew the whole story . . . but wow . . . well done.

2. michael's birthday lunch with the family.

3. heidi found a job in fresno, which means they will be relocating up here for the next year, at least. which means lots and lots of face time with afton! also excited that heidi and logan will be around, but they can't really compare with afton . . . =)

4. i just discovered that fresno hosts the highland games for the central valley each september. i don't know how this has escaped my knowledge thus far! i am making plans to go this year. i have always wanted to see highland games . . . i'm so excited! now i need to find something plaid to wear . . .

5. regina just told me our friend has met a girl named "la-a". (clue: you pronounce the dash . . . so it's ladasha) i'm not going to make further comments . . . . i will just tell you that i laughed really, really hard. very loudly. it's probably best i don't meet this girl ever. i would laugh in her face.

6. i bought all my books for this next semester this week. $191.00. while normally it would seem outrageous to spend $191.00 on books in one purchase, i take into account that i got 8 books and a clicker, and some of my friends are spending about $500.00 on books. so i'll just be happy.

7. i got three new pairs of jeans. hooray for old navy $19 jeans sale.

8. i've been indulging in robin hood, season 2 on dvd in preparation for robin hood, season 3 on bbc america starting september 12. i. can't. wait.

9. michael wrote me the sweetest note at church on sunday. this also made for a moment of hilarity as he signed someone else's name to the note (a name which i cringe at) so when i first received the note i was disgusted and unwilling to read it. when my mom finally forced me to read it, it was a delightful surprise.

10. for michael's birthday my mom made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. and just in case that wasn't quite enough chocolate . . . she added milky ways to the frosting. it's was really good. oh . . . and the termeers were there ;)