Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. jeanine won so you think you can dance! i'm so happy. she was amazing.

2. my faux-hawk. i found an excuse to do it again.

3. visit from heidi, logan, and afton.

4. afton makes this adorable face. she scrunches up her face like she's pouting, and breathes in and out really hard through her nose. you think she's about to throw a fit, but she's just messing around. it's hysterical.

5. this weekend was our state-wide young single adult conference. overall, it was a let-down. the classes were weak. but at least it's over so we don't have to listen to a 20 min. lecture about how fabulous it will be and how we need to make sure we go . . . blah blah blah . . . however, it did provide the funniest moment of the week, hands down, so i guess it's not a total loss. (warning: this will be sacrilegious . . . if you read on, you may be offended. if you're offended . . . i don't want to hear about it. it's your own fault for reading on . . . ) one of the classes i went to was on prophets (which makes the following comments even more bizarre as i have no idea how he got on this subject) the speaker asked "in the old testament, what happened when you committed adultery?" and everyone mumbled to themselves, "you were stoned to death." the speaker said, "right, and Jesus had a problem with this, too." at this point my group burst into uncontrollable laughter. i'm pretty confident the guy didn't mean to imply that Jesus was an adulterer, but that's pretty much what it sounded like . . .

6. i went to the stake youth conference monday - wednesday as a driver. it was fun. i spent three days at the coast with no responsibility except manning a gas pedal. got some reading done. ate some gelato. went to the beach. it was a welcome break from the ridiculously hot weather here in fresno.

7. i have been to three dances in the past five days. that's a lot of booty shaking and a lot of burnt calories. i love dancing. it makes me feel good. i secretly dream of having a dance studio in my basement where i could retreat for an hour every day and lose myself in excessively loud music and movement. it would do my body and soul good.

8. the coastal trip took us past the tree james dean crashed into and died. it's way out in the middle of nowhere. i love all the small yet interesting things you come across in life.

9. campfires.

10. the smell of clean hair.


Sapp Family said...

Just bought my ticket for when SYTYCD comes to Fresno!! A group of us girls are going-can't wait!