Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. regina's birthday lunch. rio grill is divine. i eat their parmesan crusted pork until i almost throw up . . . it's that good.

2. colorful curly ribbon.

3. i finished north and south by elizabeth gaskell. it's perfect. shot straight into my list of favorite books. and mr. thornton is at the top of my list of literary dream men. (don't act like you dont' have one)

4. mike and i named the gecko's this week. prometheus and nike.

5. netflix instant play. i'm watching spooks (mi-5 in the states). it's a british spy tv drama. loving it.

6. so you think you can dance performance finale!!! i'm so happy that we don't have to wait till next summer to see more dancing.

7. john's foot surgery is over. it went well. he seems to be healing quickly.

8. freakishly cool weather for august in fresno. i'm really enjoying the reprieve. i'm longing for fall . . .

9. the bebe sunglasses i ordered were on back-order, then the carried decided to stop carrying them because they were having so many problems with the provider. then, magically, they showed up this week! surprise!

10. because i've been reading british literature, and watching an excessive amount of british television, i am speaking with a british inflection (not accent) . . . . which most people won't notice unless they're familiar with it in the first place. but it's amusing me.


AngelaBeth said...

Did you ever see that show Prometheus and Bob? OMG I WILL FIND IT FOR YOU ON YOUTUBE IF YOU HAVEN'T. It was awkward and claymation and on Nick(?).