Thursday, October 29, 2009

hobb's grove

the story i have to tell today begins approximately twelve years ago. i went to an edgar allen poe themed haunted house during the halloween season. one would have thought an event such as this would have been right up my alley (what, with my love of scary movies and halloween and vampires and all such things . . ). not so, my friends, not so. it scared me so bad i screamed and screamed, and then i cried, and maybe, just maybe, i might have peed my pants just the teensiest little bit (not so much that anyone else would know, you understand, but enough to make me realize i should stay away from such places to avoid future humiliation) . . . .

and stay away i did.

for six years.

then, while living in provo, my cousin convinced me to give it another go. the good news is that i did not pee my pants. however, i did cry before i even got inside.

i stayed away for another six years.

this year i decided to let my friends drag me to hobb's grove. they have attempted to get me to go the last several years (craig has tried to trick me into going several times, disguising his true intentions by describing it as a fun house with clowns) hobb's grove is one of the major haunted halloween attractions in town. they have three separate options, and we chose the haunted forest. i had several days to gird myself mentally for the upcoming fright fest . . .

i am happy to report that i laughed hysterically through the entire thing. i was not scared, i was amused. my friends contributed to my amusement with their screaming and running. so it would appear i have overcome a longstanding fear. congratulations go out to myself.

thank you (bow) . . thank you (bow)

here we are. having a good time.