Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. finding myself curled up on a couch in the campus library for about 2.5 hours reading. who knew you could concentrate so well in an area built and designated for concentrating . . .
2. my second mid-term is over. hooray. now i can slack off again till finals . . . just kidding.
3. i bought a party dress. only, i'm not saving it for a party. i wore it to church today. it's hot pink and black lace print, empire waist, full skirt, darling black tulle poking out of the bottom. i feel very stepford in it.
4. the last moments of preparation for the masquerade found me elaborately decorating a table under a canopy of trees in the wilderness, fairy-esque make-up on my face, applying massive amounts of green make-up to a boy's face, and listening to show tunes. at that moment i re-realized . . . me and my friends are so wierd. i love us.
5. i must admit i feel very clever and superior whenever that levi's commercial with the half-naked people frolicking in the firelight comes on. i am not fooled into thinking some inspired advertising guru came up with such amazing words. oh no my friends. those inspiring words were penned by one walt whitman. the poem is pioneers! o pioneers! check it out . . . it's a good one.
6. tried a new dessert this weekend. (technically my mom made it, but i found the recipe) di-vine!! perhaps if i feel inspired this week i'll type out the whole recipe and share it with you all . . . we shall see . . .
7. the word "snarky."
8. with the mid-terms and masquerade over, my life can now return to some semblance of normal . . . i've begun to put my room back together. i can now walk in it. (happiness) next i shall finish emptying my car of party paraphernalia. laundry . . . i'm coming for you mid-week.
9. my friends and i are pretty much incapable of being together for more than 15 minutes without song and dance breaking out. life should be like this all of the time.
10. the masquerade was beautiful. i wish to eat outside by candlelight every night.