Thursday, October 22, 2009

on my mind . . .

yesterday the students at fresno state organized a walk-out at school to protest state imposed furlough days.
i can't make this make sense in my head.
they're upset because the furlough days are cutting down the amount of in-class time about 2-3 class days per semester, so they're walking out of classes?
wouldn't it make more sense to sit-in on furlough days?
i'm just saying.

i'm in the middle of an obsession with carla bruni.
she's currently the first lady of france, but before that she was a model.
and between those two things, she made a few albums.
they're mostly in french and they're divine.
i can't stop listening to them.

today i'm taking a mid-term for my tsarist russia class.
it's at home and online.
i have from 7 am to 9 pm to finish the whole thing.
i hardly think this constitutes an education.
i'm having a really hard time getting into the class.
so far the entire story sounds like a hot mess.
no wonder everyone wants to leave.

how great is pandora radio?
i wish i could get it in my car.

i can't wait for this week to be over.
i've had a lot to do.
and i have even more to accomplish before saturday night.
i still have to finish sewing my masquerade costume.
i have to make several desserts and ginger ale jello shots.
find ginger ale (which is surprisingly scarce).
get myself transformed into artemis for saturday night.
oh yeah, and have fun.
hopefully that last bit will take care of itself.

but first i have to finish my mid-term.