Sunday, October 18, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. our office was closed on monday, columbus day. nothing improves a monday like not having to work.

2. i'm almost done sewing my costume for the masquerade this weekend.

3. craig mocking people, to their face, in front of a room of people, and no one getting it except those of us who are his close friends.

4. went the big fresno fair with a group of friends. we pet some cows and a boa constrictor. we laughed at the bump-it girls. people watching. unhealthy food. i tried a fried twinkie. it was pretty gross. good time were had.

5. the hypnotist show at the fair was hysterical. the entire audience was jumping up and down and screaming with laughter.

6. police officers at the fair who broke up the stampeding hoard of black kids who were running into everyone, knocking people over. i think there was supposed to be a fight. luckily the men in blue nipped it in the bud immediately. good to see my tax dollars protecting my well-being.

7. i got my mask for the masquerade in the mail. i ordered it off etsy. it's amazing! i'm so excited to wear it. (p.s. i love etsy)

8. my dad brought me back a crazy cool necklace from his last escapade at the jerry spence ranch. i forgot to mention it last week. it's huge and turquoise.

9. church: two people made comments that sounded insanely racist. i'm pretty sure they didn't mean it in the way it was delivered. regina and i were trying hard to suppress our laughter. it's so hard to be reverent when people are making such outrageous remarks!

10. flavored creamers. i love them. at the top of my list: creme brule. delicious!


Jessica Havican said...

I can't wait to see what you've made for the Masquerade! You always look fabulous at those things. :-)