Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a little list-a-roo

i've seen this little list going around on other people's blogs, and nobody tagged me, so i didn't do it, but secretly i wished someone would tag me because they were super interested in how i would respond. luckily, meghan tagged "anyone who want's to," which i'm taking to mean "ashlee pretty please respond because you are oh so interesting and i want to see all of your answers," and, well, who am i to deny her? here goes:

4 shows i like to watch:
1. the big bang theory
2. the office
3. criminal minds
4. supernatural

4 things i am passionate about:
1. gaining knowledge and wisdom
2. family
3. doing the right thing
4. gaining exultation

4 words or phrases i say often:
1. bollocks
2. i'm sleepy
3. that's not my problem
4. seriously!? (said with as much sarcasm as one can possibly muster)

4 things i have learned from the past:
1. i seriously lucked out in the parental department
2. most of the things you get crazy about really don't matter in the long run
3. it's really not about me at all
4. mortality is a beautiful experience, even the bad stuff. we'll look back on it all someday with so much wonder and affection. i just want to soak up every last drop while i'm here.

4 places i would love to go:
1. great britain
2. europe
3. greece and the islands
4. to bed

4 things i did yesterday:
1. blew my nose, a lot
2. went to gym
3. studied latin
4. watched battlestar galactica

4 things i am looking forward to:
1. this weekend away at the beach
2. annual easter beach camping trip in march
3. england/ireland trip this summer
4. sleeping in this weekend

4 things i love about winter:
1. fires in fireplaces
2. snuggling beneath layers of blankets in bed
3. herbal tea/hot chocolate
4. rain

4 things on my wish list:
1. briefcase from saddleback leather company.
2. love bracelet from cartier. i love the idea that someone puts it on you and then keeps the screwdriver/key.
3. a concealed weapon permit. i don't know why . . . i'm just super protective of my right to bear arms and concealed weapon permits are super hard to get here.
4. a husband (is there an outlet somewhere?)

4 people i tag:
1. keri
2. mindy lou
3. sharon
4. anyone else who wants to.