Sunday, April 4, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

well, actually, i'm going to try and cover the last two weeks of happy things. we'll see how much i remember and if i can get all the way to 20 . . .

1. maida's touch. it's a salon. maida is this chatty greek lady who owns the salon. heidi and i go to her to get our bikini lines waxed. the first time i went i was extremely nervous because, well, who isn't a little nervous about some random person getting all up in your business and . . . well, we all know what happens . . . but she is amazing. she does a really good (and thorough) job and she talks a mile a minute the whole time and puts you at ease and then suddenly you're done and clean and you think to yourself, hmmmmm, that really wasn't that awkward after all.

2. new bathing suits from lands end that fit perfectly.

3. finishing your pre-trip errand running.

4. 9 days of camping.

5. sleeping on an air mattress.

6. whoofum's.

7. s'mores.

8. my mom's dutch oven chicken.

9. at one point of the trip, we had 22 people in camp. we are pretty popular.

10. climbing tree's. while primarily it was the little children up in tree's at camp, michael and heidi did make there way up into one of the trees to retrieve a pair of shoes that were hanging in the tree. they weren't our, and apparently they had been there for some time because they were full of spiderwebs.

11. sitting on the beach.

12. a cool breeze.

13. anziano termeer is home. and although it is lovely to see him again, i am feeling just the teensiest bit despondent over the fact that i will no longer be receiving postcards from italy.

14. night time on the beach.

15. really great conversations that rejuvenate your soul.

16. lately i'm feeling excessively grateful for the many capacities i'm blessed with in this life. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual . . . it's so wonderful to feel useful, and productive, and like i have something to contribute to whatever situation i find myself in.

17. being away from the television and e-mail and most other forms of technology for 9 days. glorious.

18. i finally found a new purse. two actually. the orange county swap-meet totally delivered. also, afton got these red, patent leather mary jane's that have a little squeaker in the heel. so she squeaks every time she takes a step. they are so adorable i could die.

19. evenings around a campfire.

20. spending an entire week with the termeer family. (hugs and kisses, debbie)


SunshineGrrl said...

I object! First of all, I'm not on the list. Second, I climbed a tree also and that was a HUGE accomplishment for me!