Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. working at a law office affords me with many, many opportunities to talk to crazy people. last week i talked to a guy who was in a state hospital where they house sexual predators. this week i talked to a guy who was in a facility for the criminally insane from ages 11 - 18. he was put there after he "stuck" someone. that's right. he stabbed someone when he was 11. (and i thought i had a bad temper!) these calls always amuse me.

2. i had a mid-term this week. i didn't study, but i'm pretty sure i aced it.

3. they finally rated clash of the titans! pg-13! it's a good thing. i would have died if i wasn't able to see it. died! and i'm not exaggerating.

4. i decided on a whim to stop by rite aid and check out the ice cream section and they had two cartons of chocolate malted crunch. two! miracles do happen, people.
5. i unearthed a pair of jeans i had completely forgotten about.
6. craig's birthday dinner, which left most of us gasping for air and crying from laughter.
7. "don't go on me."
8. broken beds.
9. chocolate eclair cake.
10. being alive.


April said...

Oh my Ashlee, I love you! I too am soooooo excited about Clash of the Titans-are you a fan of the old version??? I used to watch it all the time as a kid. And Chocolate Malted Crunch!?!?? Who knew!!! That is my favorite too , and I know what you mean about miracles, when I go to Rite Aid and they have it in the freezer section I nearly do a little dance!!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Nate and Sarah said...

Chocolate Malted Crunch is a little carton of heaven. I am certain that they will have it by the truckload once we get there.

Tara R. said...

We are totally related cause 2 of your 10 items have to do with Chocolate!

Kristen said...

Don't go on me! Hahahaha! Life is a rare bundle of joy!