Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. fake eyelashes. they look amazing. and i pretty much wake up looking like a goddess. however, they are a bit more high maintenance than i anticipated, so they will not be kept up. fun for special occasions though.

2. the weather here is crazy! it keeps going up and down, up and down. i'm really enjoying the cooler weather.

3. received a gift certificate for mani/pedi. very much needed. it's been way too long.

4. i got new shoes for greece. i didn't have any that i felt confident would keep my feet happy for 12 days of excessive walking. i'm working on getting them properly broken in.

5. anthropologie. just by walking in the store my coolness factor goes up several notches.

6. stealing a few minutes here and there to read the book thief. i'm soooo close to finishing. i cannot wait to bury myself in books this summer. my list is getting so long! i really need to find a job that requires me to sit and read books all day . . . it must exist . . .

7. i got through my mothers day talk without becoming a weepy mess in front of everyone.

8. the performance of you can't touch this on glee. so funny. that show kills me.

9. the termeers joining us for mothers day dinner. (and the missionaries) as far as family dinners go, the more the merrier always proves to be the best rule.

10. talking with john. he's developing a little bit of an east-coast accent. very entertaining. he's feeling a bit discouraged by the slowness of the work on the east coast, so if you know him, drop him a line. mail always makes everyone feel better. if you need his address, e-mail me.


Natalie* said...

so many of these things made me happy, too: anthropologie loveliness and glee last week that i experienced but also your greece trip, mani/pedi gift certificates, mother's day talk - all great things! i need to hear more about eyelash extensions - SO need that in my life!

Cole said...

all great things. Especially fake eyelashes. My friend wore them for her wedding on Saturday and they were oh so pretty. Lovely blog. :)
nicole visiting from