Sunday, May 16, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. last day of instruction. goodbye to uninteresting (to me) latin american colonial history.

2. got my international drivers license in the mail. now at least one of us can drive legally in greece. (craig still can't find his)

3. on wednesday night i hunkered down to write my final paper of the semester. i had no idea what to say. as it got later and later, and i felt more and more despondent, i randomly checked my campus e-mail account and to my great delight, found out my professor had given us a week extension. so i went to bed, went to class the next day and got some great direction from her on how to approach it. glad i checked my e-mail. that makes about 3 times this semester total.

4. things are going pretty well for heidi and logan in the selling-off-all-their-possessions-so-they-can-move-to-puerto-rico-and-start-all-over-again department. they've sold both their cars and pretty much all their furniture. now it's mostly odds and ends. we had a big garage sale on saturday and we're going to have another this saturday. so if you're in the neighborhood, come on by. buy their stuff.

5. my cute little shoes i got for greece failed me. they started rubbing my pinky toe and it became glaringly obvious that they would not cut the mustard for my future adventure. luckily i bought them at rei, and they just took them back, no questions asked, even though i'd worn them for two weeks. i bought a pair of solomon trail running shoes which feel like heaven and a pair of muzunos which feel like heaven with a cloud cushion. my feet are pleased.

6. in primary and nursery we have a few kids that are . . . hmmm, we'll say . . . willful. they don't like new people/things/change. they don't like to participate. they're very particular. ( you know the ones, you've dealt with them too) when i was in singing with the nursery kids on sunday, one of them ran over and sat in my lap. voluntarily. i was shocked. and then i glowed with triumph.

7. receiving several excellent recommendations for summer reading.

8. white chocolate dipped oreo balls. yes. they exist.

9. getting comments from total strangers. isn't that the greatest?

10. proper italian food, made by the devilishly handsome matthew termeer. he's teaching me how. maybe next time we'll make ravioli from scratch?


AngelaBeth said...

WOW I'm amazed at your good fortune with papers/email/teachers. Geez.

p.s. Would you be so kind as to share Matt with me... or maybe invite me over for the next Italian adventure? I need to learn more italiano so I can visit my family this summer! :) I'll bring you choccooollaaaate.